History of


We have been working with farmers in our growing regions for over four decades.

Benefits of Being a Pop Weaver


Flexible, NO RISK Pricing

  • Ability to price 100% of crop prior to delivery in 25% increments

No Up Front Cash

  • Seed cost deducted from first payment
  • Seed cost approximately $35.00/acre

Easy Delivery

  • Delivery to a Weaver popcorn facility, otherwise we pay farm storage
  • Freight allowance paid

Join Us

as a Grower

Looking to diversify you operation? Become part of the Pop Weaver team as we expand in the area by contracting irrigated and dry land acres.

Daniel Smith image
Daniel Smith
25 years growing with PW Indiana, USA

Our popcorn is grown by the most progressive farmers — dedicated growers who produce the world's highest quality popcorn on farms across seven states.