We are the only company in the industry with an in-house breeding program. Since the 1970s, our research team has been dedicated to developing specific varieties of popcorn to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers. Research initiatives include:

Hybrid Test Locations in Multiple States to Mimic Production

  • Rain Fed
  • Irrigated

Development of Hybrids for Specific Markets

  • Microwave, Concession, Snack, Caramel & Sweet


From the field, to seeds, to packaging, environmental sustainability is at the heart of Pop Weaver’s business.

Our popcorn is grown by the most progressive farmers, with corn fields on more than 110,000 acres across seven states.



When it comes to good farm management, it starts with the soil. We are committed to farm management standards that ensure the soil where our popcorn is grown is nurtured and nourished. That means:

  • Periodic soil testing for nutrient management and field mapping to ensure fertilizer is applied at proper rates
  • Use of natural fertilizers from chicken and cattle
  • Minimal soil tillage to diminish soil erosion and compaction

Our farmers also promote soil health by planting cover crops. Not only does this help build organic matter and replace nutrients, reduce soil compaction and lessen wind and water erosion, rotating crops between seed corn and soybeans helps with pest management.

Conventional tillage is used on seed ground to give the inbred the best chance to grow. GPS-guided tractors are used to maximize planting populations and ensure every row is the same distance apart.



All Pop Weaver contract farmers commit to crop rotation – a practice that helps reduce soil erosion and increases soil fertility and crop yield. It also:

  • Minimizes insect and disease pressures, and breaks weed cycles
  • Creates complimentary nutrients in the soil – for example, a crop of soybeans creates nitrogen for the next corn crop
  • Builds soil health
Grain image Grain image Grain image



At Pop Weaver, the inbred lines developed by our Hybrid Research team produce the seeds grown in the field by our contract producers. All of our seed is produced by our Seed Production team on Weaver-controlled farms. This allows us to:

  • Control the quality of the seen
  • Be IP-certified and GMO free
  • Control the genetic purity of our product



Combine harvesting keeps us efficient and helps us maintain our stringent quality standards.

  • Field inspections allow for predictive quality and approval to begin harvest
  • Composite sampling on all inbound loads help us determine quality level
  • Assignment of individual loads to storage bins for lot creation
  • Composite samples on all bins for mycotoxin and GMO testing
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As part of Pop Weaver’s commitment to the environment, our packaging is made of recyclable, water-based materials, using the minimum amount of ink and adhesives.